The Battlefield LIVE East Anglia combat game weapons made by Battlefield Sports are based on infrared technology which is totally safe and used by military personnel, SWAT and Law enforcement for real military style combat simulation training.

Battlefield LIVE weapons are used by Battlefield LIVE combat gamers in over 30 countries.

The Battlefield LIVE Commando Carbine is a great combination weapon between compact design and huge firepower.

The Battlefield LIVE Scorpion Sub Machine Gun is in the Special Compact (SC) class of weapon and is great for Close Quarter Battles (CQB).

COMING SOON: The Battlefield LIVE Morita weapon is in the Designated Marksman (DM) class of weapon.

All of the Battlefield LIVE weapons are able to toggle between semi-auto and full-automatic fire.

Battlefield LIVE weapons do not fire projectiles but instead fires an infrared beam of light that activates sensors fitted to various pieces of your opponents kit that flash red indicating a successful hit.  These sensors shine red continuously and are highly visible to prevent cheating and once a player uses all their lives it will deactivate their gun.  Once the marshal re-spawns the competitor they are quickly returned to the action.