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From a minimum of 10 players to 100. Yes we have that many weapons!

Gone are the old "team-building" events that imply that you don't have a team in the first place. In today's financial climate what is needed is remotivation for your existing team.  When morale is possibly low or insecure then the most important thing is to revitalise, inspire and rejuvenate.

Battlefield LIVE infra-red combat gaming is the latest innovation in motivating and inspiring your team. It is more than just an adrenaline antidote to the relentless round of tight deadlines; it lets people abandon their day to day work roles and become heroes for a day; from Chief Financial Manager to Chief Game play Strategist; from Secretary to Sniper.

Suitable all year round, even in the snow, it is a great outdoor experience for everyone. Battlefield LIVE is not paintball.  It is a safe outdoor activity without the pain, bruising or the need for heavy protective clothing that weighs you down. Battlefield LIVE helps colleagues re-bond by focusing on communication and collaboration as well as good fun and excitement. Gamers are only judged on team performance, victory goes to the team which achieves its objectives.  A good metaphor for business.

The strong teamwork aspect of Battlefield LIVE helps renew your department's communication, strength and unity.

A fantastic way to find that natural leader who can motivate personnel whilst commanding respect

Get better results than from those boring conferences or seminars!

What is included in the package?

  • Special team missions geared to suit your group.
  • Camouflage gear and camo face paint.
  • A state-of-the-art Battlefield Sports gun for every player.
  • Trained marshalls on hand to ensure great games and safety.
  • Sessions generally last two hours including time for a safety briefing, equipment instruction and kitting up/de-kitting.

One off fee covers your session. No extra charges for more ammunition.

Contact us for more information.

One price - no hidden extras

£17.50 for 2 hours

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A truly unforgettable experience

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