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Frequently asked questions

What is it?
Battlefield Live is an interactive outdoor combat game using high tech gaming equipment. Imagine a computer game played outdoors.

What is the minimum age?
We recommend a minimum age of 8 years old.

Is there a minimum number to play?
At our sites we need a minimum of 4 players to start the day. The game is best played as part of a large group but anything from 2 a side upwards is fine. We do add players together to form larger battles. For mixed groups we divide every party in two on arrival. Half play on one team and half on the other. The aim is to end up with two roughly equal teams and then everyone has someopne they know on their team and someone on the enemy team. We have over 100 gaming weapons so big parties are no problem

How Long is a session?

Our sessions are advertised as two hours. This covers our safety briefing, kitting up and de-kitting. We recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to the advertised start time to allow for reception formalities. On average game play will last approximately 90 minutes split into a variety of game scenarios.

Is it Paint Ball?
No it is not paintball. Some of the gameplay is similar to that in paintball but the equipment does not fire paint or any form of projectile.

What happens in bad weather?
The equipment is suitable for use all year round. In wet weather or snow we can still carry on. However if we have very strong winds or torrential rain that may cause a danger from falling trees we may suspend or cancel. If we are unable to start again we may provide a partial or full refund if we cannot organise another date to complete the event.

What do you need to wear?
Normal outdoor clothes suitable for the weather conditions on the day with footwear that you do not mind getting wet or muddy. We do not recommend wearing high heels or open toed sandals. We will provide freshly laundered combat overalls to go over your own clothes.

Who can play?
Anyone from age 8 upwards. There is no maximum age. The activity can involve some physical activity but there is no need to run around wildly. Stealth on the battle zone may be your best weapon!

What equipment is supplied?
Freshly laundered combat overalls for every player. A sophisticated gaming gun and optional camouflage face paint.

What do you do for birthday parties?
Party group events are run in exactly the same way as any other event. 

Are there any discounts?
Our prices are geared to being competitive value for money all the time. However there are often discounts available for online booking where full payment is made at the time of booking.

Do parents need to stay?
We marshall all events with experienced staff so parents are not obliged to stay. However we welcome spectators to watch all or some of the action if they wish.

Is there a disclaimer to sign?
We have a simple medical questionnaire to complete prior to an event. This just helps our staff to be aware of any particular issues that may affect players.

When do you need to pay?
We encourage payment on booking to secure your event. This can be with a deposit and balance on the day of the event or full payment for a discounted price at the time of booking.

Is it safe?
The equipment uses safe infa red signals for its control method (similar to a tv remote control). There are no projectiles and no need to wear heavy protective equipment. Before every session all players are given a safety briefing with instruction on how the gaming equipment works. During all games experienced staff are on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Can we have an exclusive party?
Exclusive parties may be possible depending on availability and minimum numbers. This is not implied and contact with our sales office is important to discuss your requirements.During busy periods the minimum to guarantee exclusivity is 24 players

How does Battlefield Live work?
Gaming weapons fire ghost bullets. Targets are identified using red dot scopes and enemy players are tagged by pulling the weapon trigger. During each session a variety of game scenarios will be played with different mission tasks. The whole event is run on a two team basis with individual and team scores.

I’ve paid in full and now my numbers have changed what happens?
We always allow changes to be made without penalty up to 7 days prior to an event. Extra players can usually be added right up to the day of the event but Jimmy's Farm ask for at least 48 hours notice for party food choices

What are the terms and conditions?
Please see the details on our website page.

Do you need any special expertise?
No. Anyone that can hold a gaming weapon can play. It is really simple but highly effective.

What is your cancellation policy?
Events can be cancelled by the booker up to 7 days prior to an event without penalty. The organiser may cancel an event due to bad weather or exceptional circumstances but in an alternative date will be offered or full refund.

Do you run mobile parties?
We can run mobile events. These are subject to availability, location and a minimum charge. Please contact our sales office to check.

Do you supply food?
No food is not supplied. At Jimmy's farm there is an option to add children's party food of a standard menu choice - Hot Dog, chips and a squash drink subject to an additional charge.  This can only be booked online between the months of March & October as the food is served OUTSIDE.  During Winter months please contact the farm directly on 01473 604206.  The farm has outdoor areas suitable for picnics.

Do you supply party bags?

Do you supply invitations?
There is a party invitation to download from our website.(Under tab >groups then >birthdays at the bottom of that page)  If you require printed copies please contact our sales office.

I have a youth group do you have risk assessments and public liability insurance?
We have site and activity risk assessments for all our activities. Copies are available on request. Public Liability insurance cover is maintained at £5m.

How do Gift Vouchers work?

Gift vouchers can be bought online via the website. You can choose the value and number required. Online purchasers will receive an emailed "E voucher" with a code to be used when the recipient wishes to book. The face value of the gift voucher can be used against any online booking and is valid for 12 months. Anyone wishing to receive a printed voucher should contact us by phone or email. That voucher then entitles the holder to a single gaming session which should be booked by phone rather than online.

To use an e voucher enter the code in the "Promo code" box on your online booking summary. Please note only one code can be used per transaction so multiple codes will each require a separate online booking


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£17.50 for 2 hours

Gift vouchers
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