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Battlefield LIVE offers the ideal outdoor activity for Schools and Youth Groups as part of their sports and social curriculum because it helps motivate and energise young people towards achieving realistic goals. Plus it is great fun! Full health and safety risk assessments available including those for young persons. £5m Public liability insurance cover in place. Staff enhanced DBS checked. School sports clubs and teams come to Battlefield LIVE throughout the year to help promote their team awareness skills.  Contestants soon learn that successful military simulation tactics on the battlefield are transferable to the sports pitch with great results. Highly suitable for school and youth groups because this is a non-projectile, safe playground activity.

What is included in the package?

  • Special team missions geared to suit your group.
  • Camouflage gear and camo face paint.
  • A state-of-the-art Battlefield Live gun for every player.
  • Trained marshalls on hand to ensure great games and safety.

One off fee covers your session. No extra charges for more ammunition.

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One price - no hidden extras

£17.50 for 2 hours

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A truly unforgettable experience

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