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1. Team death match. Tag the enemy more times than they tag you. The winners are the team with the least amount of respawns. This gets the players used to the equipment and allows for unlimited respawns.

2. Invasion. One team defends a base location and the other attacks. Usually involves some limitation on respawns or time to overcome the defenders.

3. VIP rescue or injured soldier. One team has a VIP/injured soldier and their mission is to get that person to a designated evacuation point or medical centre without him/her being killed.

4. Ammunition recovery. Teams run low on ammunition and have to collect crates that have been dropped as supplies. Two ways to play. Either one team collects and the other tries to stop their collection or both teams vie for recovery of the crates. Points are awarded for crates in their base location at the end

5. Base control. Both teams attack a central base with the aim to have the most (alive) troops in the base at the end of the game. Usually we have unlimited respawns for the first part of the game and then none for the last three minutes to allow for tactical play

6. Zombies and Aliens. A squad of aliens lands on a foreign planet occupied by zombies. Can the aliens fight off the hordes of zombies and stay alive long enough to be evacuated back to their spaceship?

7. Domination. Both teams attack a domination device, take control and hold control for the longest amount of time. LED coloured lights and sound effects show the team in control throughout the game.

NB Games may vary in duration and type depending on players ages and abilities. The main emphasis is on FUN!

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